Chinoiseries Supperclub 

吃了吗?Chī le ma? Have you eaten?

The idea for the Chinoiseries Supperclub was born out of gluttony.  


We always miss dinners at home in China, all abuzz with cheery chatter and elbows a-bumping as everyone reaches across a table laden with a colourful spread of simple yet wildly tasty dishes.


When we started making family dinners for ourselves in Paris, we frequently got carried away cooking and had to call for reinforcements to help us eat. 

We so loved introducing the dishes of our childhoods with our friends (and theirs!) in the context of a cosy evening at home that we decided to spread the joy and open it up.

To keep things cosy, dinners are a 

maximum of 8 people. We serve a seasonally-informed mixture of cold and hot, vegetarian and omnivorous dishes, with plenty of rice alongside.

You can see what we'll be cooking and reserve your place by choosing from the dates below.

After our dinners, we share many of the recipes for what we've cooked on the Recipes section of our website.

We hope to see you at our table soon!